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Why I love my husband and owe him fantastic ‘thank you’ sex

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Okay, so the other month Olivia decided it would be fun to pick all the letters off my laptop’s keyboard.  With some small amount of cursing I managed to return them and they stayed put (mostly) and I soldiered on. Then Olivia decided it would be a good idea to use Lappy as a step-stool. That damaged something somewhere, but Lappy heroically limped forward and remained (mostly) useable.  Then with way too many incidents of abuse Lappy decided he could no longer hold up the weight of his screen and refused to stay open unless I used a pencil or the back covering of our Tiv*O remote to prop it up.  Which I did, because hey, laptops are ‘spensive and the money, she was not flowing. Plus, after being such a horrible laptop owner, I needed the sting of punishment and what could be more punishing than a craptop that smashed my fingers and took 3 whole minutes to bring up Internet pages?  I’m gonna tell you.

Earlier this week Olivia liberated the space bar and the letter ‘B’ from the keyboard rendering them both ineffective despite my best efforts at cpr. Are you aware of how many times one uses the letter ‘B’ and space bar? Neither was I until I tried to type without them. Soooo, I called Jack at work and left him a message, ever so casually, so that it might have even been classified as subliminal, to pick up a new laptop gallon of new laptop milk on his way home. But Jack doesn’t always listen to his messages and he returned home empty handed.

Until last night. After dinner clean up and a swim with the ghouls I mosied into my study as I often do and there, on my chair was a Gateway Box and a simple note that read “I *heart* U.”

This man of mine, I *heart* him so!

So not only am I swimming in the awesomeness who is my chosen, I’m rocking out the new laptop that doesn’t need to be propped open and, as a bonus, has a working ‘B’ and space bar.  Color me spoiled and happy to be so.


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