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Now T-VO is my bitch

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Tivo and I are back together after this morning’s Go, Diego, Go debacle.  True, Liv and I had a difficult time this early this morning (did I mention that it was 5 a.m.? I wasn’t even aware there was a 5 a.m.) and in the ensuing hours, all of which I blame on Tivo, including the strawberry shake/chocolate chip pancake smeared sheets. However, since then I’ve realized that I can simply instruct Tivo to NEVER EVER EVER delete E-eggo or Dora or BobBob Pants or anything else I want to keep forever and ever.  As God is my witness, I will never got Nick, Jr.-less again.

Also? Tivo recorded one of my favorite movies that I’d forgotten was one of my favorite movies all own her own. For me. As a gift. Because she loves me. You’ve seen Mel Gibson’s Signs, yes? The fact that he’s a racist homophobe has no bearing at all on my feelings toward that movie.  Besides, it’s not him I love it for. It’s Joaquin Phoenix. He makes the whole thing.

Especially in this scene:


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