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Awaiting their return redux

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That sound you heard around 8:30 pm? That was me finally exhaling after Jack fixed Dyson.  It took some time and earned me a few hairy eyeballs, and more than one strained, “how did you do this again? And did the fact that it wouldn’t budge not clue you in to the idea that it wasn’t meant to be removed?!”  as he struggled to put the jibberjabbit back in place, but in the end, he did it.  Then he went to bed and fell into a deep snoring slumber. I guess napping all weekend on a houseboat while your mom makes you sandwiches and watches your daughters is enough to wear a fella out. He looked so exhausted that I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’d somehow run down the battery on his car.  I’m sure he’ll figure that one out tomorrow as he (tries to) head/s for work. Hopefully in the wee wee dawn hours I’ll look as exhausted and peaceful as he did tonight and he’ll return the favor and not bug me.

I’m not holding my minty fresh breath.


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