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So I’m thinking that Mondays should be bore your readers with your favorite music video day

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No secret here that I’m a child of the 80’s. Love it, love it, love it.  It was a fun time to grow up. Or so I hear. (My parents were very strict and fun was limited to one night a weekend.) Re: prior sentence, a lot will be from the 80’s, but not all because I am as diversified as I am off. 

Today’s selection is not Adam Ant. In fact, by the time this came out Adam was… well, nevermind lest you think I was obsessed.  Anyway, today’s selection is The Promise by When in Rome.  I haven’t seen this video in years, but my first thought aside from hoping the mall haired girl with a keyboard as a midsection wasn’t ticklish was why is Joaquin Phoenix in this video and when did he grow his hair? 

I don’t know any other song by When in Rome, but this one makes me do the shoulder/head shake that people who want to think they can dance but can’t do.



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