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‘Nack, Mommy! ‘Nack!!

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See, I have this BFF who has this daughter whom I love dearly and find delightful. To clarify, I find all 4 of her children delightful and I love them all dearly, but Marion Ross? Love. Her. Maybe it’s because she’s so close in age to Olivia, or maybe it’s because I look at her and see the baby we lost at the same time her mother was pregnant with her, or maybe it’s because the girl spent a weekend with me and called me mommy the whole time. Who knows. Anyway, Marion Ross is always ready for a snack and I’m pretty sure that we have to stop spending time with them now because Olivia? Who never eats? Lately has NOT STOPPED EATING, or asking to eat even though YOU JUST ATE YOUR ENTIRE BOWL OF CEREAL AND HALF OF MINE!  She’s suddenly always hungry and always whining for ‘nacks. 

I’m skint where snacks are concerned. I have popcorn (NO NO LIKKA DE PA DORN!). I have pretzels (NO! NO PRESSELS!!). I have grapes (GWAPES YES! NO! NONONO!! YES GWAPES NO!!). That’s it. We have no more and being down to my last $30 that I stole from my daughter’s account I’m pretty much holding out for milk and garlic bread and popcicles and my anti-anxiety pills. Anything else is wasteful (said the mommy who took her children to fast food 10 times this month).

Thing is, I’m of the school that if you’re truly hungry you’ll eat what you’re offered and shut up about it unless you have an allergy. Marion Ross does this. She says, “I hunry Mommy,” you offer her a fruit and she accepts and eats and is good for another 15 – 20 minutes.  Olivia it seems has already developed the “I’m bored. I’ve already destroyed the living room, colored on the walls, and made the cat wail. I’ve pooped in mommy’s room and peed in the refrigerator. What to do, what to do?  I know! I’ll demand something sugary and easily strewn across the carpet” approach to filling her time. It does not bode well. Our schools’ mission statements, they collide.

Liv is such the little control freak, not as easily broken as her sisters. I’d tell them to eat and they would.  There weren’t many power struggles with them where food was concerned. My fear is if I force the issue of eat what I offer that she will embrace the battle and I’ll have already lost.  I don’t want her to view food as a means of controlling me. (Channel your inner Pat Benetar – stop using food as a weapon!)

Parenting’s hard when you’re so very very old and tired.


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