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Where Hollywood goes to chill

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I have decided that I need to carry my camera with me at all times. Not to photograph my kids doing sweet/cute things, but because where I live? Yeah, it’s where Hollywood goes for some down time.  Just last week I saw Bob Barker outside the Hallmark, and Wilfred Brimley? He cuts me off regularly in front of the mini-mini-mall down the street from my house. Also? Haley Joel Osment? A regular at our YMCA.  One time (in band camp) when Jack and I were driving home from another basketball game that my daughter sat out because she’s not very good, swear to God we saw Hugh Jackman dressed as that character from X-men walking down the side of the road. Sideburns and all. I swear it. That was very exciting.

Alas, without photographic evidence no one believes me, so, from now on? I’m the papparazzi.

**edited to add that the reason no one believes me? I live on the right side of the map, nowhere near Hollywood. Which is perfect, right? Because why would they chose something close to home when they can blend in with the locals on the other side of the continent??? Just sayin’ is all.


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  1. I saw Montgomery Clift at a Red Lobster like 15 years ago. Granted the man died tragically from alchohol in the 1960’s or something – but I swear he was busing tables. I see dead (famous) people.

  2. They only said he died. Maybe he’s rooming with Elvis.


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