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Why she’s my BFF

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Reason #1

In discussing Stephen Hawkings’ seemingly endless stream of super models:

ME: You know they’re only after 1 thing. I wonder if he’s on to their game.

BFF: He’s only Stephen Fucking Hawkings, smartest man in the universe. I think he knows.

Reason #2

While bargain shopping in the local Wal*Martin:

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there’s a John Maxwell in the store –


Reason #3

After an argument with Jack I call BFF:

*ring ring*

BFF: Hello

ME: Tell me I’m right.

BFF: Of course you’re right. He’s an idiot.

These are just a few examples of why BFF is my BFF. We’ve been friends since we were 15 years old, struggling to make it through the high school social scene. There is no one in this world, including Jack, who makes me laugh harder.  She gets my jokes, my moods, and just the me-ness that makes me so damned loveably ME. I love her laugh, the way her eyes sparkle with humor and intelligence, her willingness to drop everything and help me, her unique view of the world, and the honest way she sums up circumstances.  I don’t understand her strange obsession with things like politics and history, but I forgive her because she can make amazing hats out of towels and kick ass chicken a la king. 

Sometimes it’s damned hard being a wife and mother. Yes, there are many blessings that come with husbands and children, but one of the drawbacks is a distinct loss of self. You become so entrenched in wife/mother stuff that sometimes you stare in the mirror in search of the person you were before. Not so much the woman with fewer wrinkles and grays, but the woman who had hobbies and dreams that didn’t involve potty training. When BFF and I are together those women re-emerge in our laughter and jokes that probably shouldn’t be told in front of the children but are anyway.

I trust her. When I am hurting or ashamed and want to hide from myself, she is the one person I’ll let in without an internal struggle. While she might not agree with what I’ve done, she always seems to understand why I’ve done it, even if I don’t, and there is no judgement.

So I don’t say this often enough, but BFF, thank you for being my friend. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. Also? You’re old now. Happy Birthday.


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