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This guy totally looked down my shirt

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So for Mother’s Day Jack and the girls got me front row nearly center tickets to see Weird Al.  I loves me some Al and on some (disturbed) level find his wit and sense of humor kinda… weellll… okayI’llsayit… sexy. A guy who can make you laugh? I might have to add him to The List. Annnnnnnnyway, back to the story….

So I’ve never been front row for any concert I’ve ever been to, so this was quite the thrill (marred only by my seat being directly in front of the speakers – but don’t worry, my brains only dribbled out during a few of his louder songs). Al comes out, does his thang, and then during this song Wanna B Ur Lovr  Al, all mack-daddied out

looked down from the stage and straight at my delicious cleavage while he seranaded me with these sweet words:

You know I just wanna be your lover, baby (Girl, you must be Jamaican) (Ooh hoo hoo, ooh hoo hoo)
Now, I need somebody to love (Because Jamaican me crazy) (Ooh hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo)

Jack, my date for the evening excitedly nudged me and whispered, “Weird Al just totally looked down your top and I got a picture!” Unfortunately the picture came out too blurry to save. 

Al sang to me a number of times that night

(and also threw water on me during his Smells Like Nirvana number)

 I’m sure it had nothing at all to do with that fetching but tasteful low cut top and The Best Bra Ever (TM) I’d chosen to wear.


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