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All hail the glorious T*vo!

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Back story: Last night I was up to the rather questionable hour of 2:00 a.m. working on a photo journal book thingy entitled Summer Fun 2007. My plan is to have a book a season so that all those hundreds of digital photos aren’t wasted on my hard drive and so that during those numerous, hoity-toity cocktail parties I attend I can say I’m “published.” But anyway, ya got that? 2:00 a.m..

This morning – nay! Last night disguised as this morning I was jerked from my slumber by the sound of my youngest crying. It was 5:37 a.m. and she’d somehow managed to get out of her locked room and down to the main floor where she did God knows what. Probably she came down looking for me, got afraid and decided to stand at the foot of the stairs wailing, but then again, this is Liv we’re talking about. Jack and I will check our on line banking accounts later to see if she transfered any funds.

I brought her back upstairs and tried for half an hour to get her to fall back asleep. It wasn’t like she was loud or squirmy, in fact, she snuggled in my arms and held onto me tightly and was quiet (enough) to boot. But she was NOT going back to sleep. No sir, no way, no how.

I felt her finger in my nostril a moment before I heard her hoarse whisper. “Mommeh? *click* peeka go downstairs and wash Wunnerpetsh?*

“Shhh,” I said, taking great pains to keep my voice hushed and sleep inducing. “It’s time to sleep. Mommy’s sleeping, Amy’s sleeping, Amelia’s sleeping….” I felt her nod and I drifted off only to be awakened a few seconds later by her toy camera as it suggested brightly that I smile. I pried open one eye to see Liv was now at the foot of the bed with her camera poised.  Nestled into my side was this freaky assed doll:

 (It has a huge hole in its ass so it can “soil its diaper” but mostly Liv shoves a plastic celery from her kitchen set in there).

“Smile Mommeh! I take a pisher widda Baby Alibe!”

Sleep I realized and all attempts at were futile, so we headed down to the living room to watch The Wunnerpetsh at 6:oo a.m.. In the morning. Early. And to be honest, she watched (what’sa gunna werkt? Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeamwerkt!) and I dozed.  I’m still tired as balls but, thanks to the wonder that is T*VO!, I am nearly able to function. I want to marry T*VO and have its little digital babies.


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