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This show that I adore

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Dead Like Me.

I’ve just discovered it. Naturally it’s no longer on television aside from the sci-fi channel marathons, but it’s so darned good that you all should tune to sci-fi right now and watch a few episodes. (Why, why, why must all the smart, good shows be cancelled? Seriously. They cancel this and Miracles, and yet  7th Heaven goes on for a decade?) I’m hooked. It’s dry, sassy, interesting, and Jasmine Guy is lookin’ rough! She ain’t the Whitney from It’s a Different World that we all remember.

Gist of it is Georgia (George) gets killed by a toilet seat and becomes a grim reaper. She hangs out with Mandy Patinkin (another grim reaper) and a whole bunch of other grim reapers (including, but not limited to, Jasmine Guy). There’s angst and humor, and this great british guy with a great british accent – also a reaper. But he’s not so grim.


Try it. You’ll like it.

Dead Like Me.


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