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Mo-om! Scott Baio’s at the door

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and he’s 45 and Single!

Okay, so I love VH1 series. I can’t help it. I’m a whore for the reality programming. And this one? Scott Baio’s 45… and Single? Gotsta be one of the funniest ones yet.

To be fair, I’ve only seen 2 episodes, and it must be noted that I watched them with BFF and that makes anything funny, but d-yamn. The guy allows himself to be totally humiliated by Erin Moran (aka Joanie Cunningham). Turns out Joanie really did love Chachi. Also turns out that Chachi’s penis was not up to Erin’s standards.  Plus Chachi – excuse me, being called Chachi pisses him off and is probably one of the reasons he’s still SINGLE ! At 45! Plus SCOTT BAIO just can’t seem to keep it in his pants. Dude has phucked the entire Playboy mansion -minus Mary the Secretary.

Scott has hired a life coach who is trying to help him get to the bottom of his inability to embrace the monogamous lifestyle. She’s just terrible, but redeems herself by making him call all his exes and meet with them and find out what he did wrong. It’s very High Fidelity. Except Scott Baio ain’t no John Cusack (hellooo lover!), and Jack Black’s role is played by the other brother in the Wonder Years. So anyway, it’s all kinds of awesome as Scott remembers that his former lover used to like fried chicken, so he picks up KFC and with his mapquest directions in hand drives on out for a little bit of a smack down.

And see, this is where the funny comes in for BFF and me, he ring’s Sue’s doorbell and her daughter answers the door and her daughter is the adorable kid… 7? 8? 10? I dunno. And she has this look on her face like ‘the hell?!’ so I, playing the part of the confused daughter, started yelling, “Mo-om! Scott Baio’s at the door!” And without missing a beat BFF yells, “And he’s 45! And single!”

Are you laughing yet?


Maybe you had to be in my living room at the time.

But you’ll definitely laugh at this, because after Sue smacks Scott down there’s a shot of him starting his vehicle, so I yell, “Mo-om, Scott Baio just ran over your flowers.” And, BFF, with her perfect comedic timing pauses a second then yells, “And the cat!” Geddit? ‘Cause he’s totally bitter about being 45… and Single! And a bad driver.

I’ll give you a minute to recover.

And then? Wheww… the funny just kept coming…. Then there’s this clip of one of Scott Baio’s friends arguing with his girlfriend and – heh. I’m giggling just thinking about it – he’s pissy and saying, (heheheh. Really. I’m laughing right now) “Stop stifling my time with Scott Baio!”

That. Is. AWESOME! I’m thinking of having it put on a bag or a t-shirt at Cafe Press. Stop stifling my time with Scott Baio.


I immediately set my Tivo to get a Scott Baio is 45… and Single season pass.  Go on, try it. Scott Baio is 45…and Single. You’re gonna love it.


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