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I happen to believe that most times THE BEST TOYS EVER (TM) are things like empty boxes and bubble wands. I generally prefer open ended toys to their single purpose counterparts, but I’m also fond of things that encourage imaginative play (dolls, pretend weapons, dress up, miniature kitchen sets). Mostly though? I just like things that allow me more than 10 minutes of ME time.  Needless to say, my house has seen its share of toys and I feel confident that I am a good enough judge on what works and what doesn’t. 

 This one definitely works.

Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn Learning Home 

 It retails for $65.00, but if you live under a lucky star like I do then you’ll find it at a consignment shop for way less. You can also order any missing parts from Fisher-Price for cheap.

Olivia used this toy non-stop. It has music and BEST OF ALL, a volume control. EVERYTHING on this toy is interactive and the songs are less annoying than you’d think they’d be.  It’s two sided, so more than one kid can play, and it’s pretty darn sturdy.  It does take up a decent amount of room, so that’s something to consider if you’re low on space, BUT it also makes a cool “entrance” into a toy corner which is how we used it. She had to go through her house to get to her stuff. ‘Cause I’m just clever like that and I like to make my kids jump through hoops.

Love, love, love this toy.

Definitely worth the $$$.

Definitely a BEST TOY EVER (TM).


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