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And in the spirit of birthdays

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Happy Birthday

Geddy Lee

(easily one of the coolest pictures evah!)

“Only the best freakin’ musician in freakin’ ever!” *

No balloons for you Geddy. You’re too damn cool for balloons.

You know who Geddy Lee is, right?

No. Not Tommy Lee’s more talented and waaaay more awesome older brother.

This is the guy from the best thing Canada ever produced this side of the Pez dispensers and Loverboy.


Maybe this will spark your memory.

Not that I ever did drugs, but if I had done them? I most assuredly would have done them to this song.

*quote courtousy of an ex-boyfriend who stood on his bed in his dorm and played air guitar to Tom Sawyer.

He forgot my birthday.

We broke up soon after. 





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