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The other day BFF and I watched Signs. I turned it on mostly because I wanted her to see Joaquin Phoenix say, “Move children! Vamos!” and fall in love with him like I did. I don’t think it’s going to happen and I don’t understand because he’s short just like Baryshnikov and Armand Assante and she likes them. I did get a, “Well, he did make Johnny Cash kind of sexy.”

That’s a start. I can work with that. But anyway…

There is a scene in the movie where it’s obvious to everyone that the aliens are going to attack and Grahm (Cracker) Gibson asks his family if they want to pack up and head to the lake (where they might be safe because the aliens seem to have avoided placing themselves near water) or if they want to ride out the storm in their home. That got me thinking. Then I took some aspirin and vowed to never again let that happen. (Ba dum dum) Would I stay or would I go?

I thought it would be easy to answer this question, but each time I think I’m certain of my response I find an argument for the other side. My gut says to run, to put as much distance between me and the gangly green men who want to kidnap me for other-worldly slave labor and/or insemination. However my heart says if I’m gonna be killed by an alien then I might as well be killed at home surrounded by my stuff and memories. I’d hate to languish on the side of the road.

In the movie they stay for sentimental reasons. They’d rather die at home.

I can’t decide and hopefully an alien attack won’t force me to. I think this might be one of those times I’d follow Jack’s lead. So I could blame him later.

What would you do?


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