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Br00k*stone update updated

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So … um… okay. Jack got totally worked up when I told him what went down at the Br00k*stone. He was all, “Give me that number. This is horse-shite.” And I was all, “Yeah! You get ’em baby!” And then I was all, “The guy in the Hall*Marc said that maybe we might want to try fiddling with the connection to the computer. He said if we’re getting feedback then the speaker’s working.” And Jack was all, “What does the guy at the Hall*Marc have to do with this?” And I was all, “Well, I wasn’t buying the girls Webby*kinz if that’s what you’re implying.” And Jack gave me the hairy eyeball, and I distracted him with more anger aimed at those bastards at Br00k*stone. “Yeah, the guy at the card store cared more than the employees at that other store. Be sure to tell them that when you call! He was waaay more helpful than the people at Br00k*stone, but told him, ‘Oh I’m sure my husband checked the connections. He’s very methodical.'” And Jack was all, “Uh. Yeah. Right. Of course I checked the connections.” Which totally meant that he hadn’t.

Minutes later he came upstairs, chagrinned. “It was the connection to the computer.”

‘Cause we’re savvy like that.

Bright side – Jack’s favorite toy is aliiiiiiiiive.

Downside? Now I feel really awful for snapping at the sales lady at Limited, Also.


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