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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday

Margaretha Geertruida (Grietje) Zelle



She’s the dutch woman who made exotic dancing and double espionage cool again.


You probably know her by her stage name.

Mata Hari

Loosely translated Mata Hari means “Scapegoat.”


Not really.

(It means “Eye of the Day”)

But there was no hard evidence of her being a double agent.

Those wacky french.

Happy 131st!

Wherever you are.


And while we’re at it!

Happy Birthday


Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke


Oh come on. You don’t know who Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke is?

Here’s a picture.


Your lack of enthusiasm is overwhelming.

Stop it. My heart.


Maybe you know her by her stage name.

Billie Burke.


Still not ringing any bells?



How about now?

Yes. Glinda.

The good witch.

“You have no power here! Be gone with you!”

Cinema’s first exorcism.

Happy 123rd, Billie!


And 1 more just for fun!!!


Happy Birthday


Carl Switzer



C’mon, y’all! This guy had a hard life. Don’t tell me you’re not familiar with the name.

Really. We need to talk about how little you watch A&E.


 Fine. I’ll help you this once.




From The Little Rascals?

Go on with your bad self, little, over-confident man!!

Carl would have been 80 today.

He did not die rich.

Fascinating story. You should Google him.


Happy birthday, Carl. At least I remembered.


Also? If you’re the first to name the connection between these 3 deadlebrities I’ll send you via email your very own “Don’t Stifle my time with Scott Baio” button to put on your website/blog/to print out and put on your window.


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