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Would you Wednesday

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The situation is this: Robert Redford offers you a million dollars – what? That’s been covered? Oh.

Okay. How about… There’s a charging bull and you can save either your – Dang. Also done?

You’re sure?

See where I’m going here people?

Would you Wednesday is hard and when things get difficult I cut and run.  It’s part of my charm.

Thing is, I can’t think of anything to take its place. Wacky Wednesday? Wild Women do and they don’t regret it Wednesday? Stupid OCD with alliteration. What I found Wednesday? Where are they now Wednesday? What’s your Weather Wednesday? Suddenly theme days seem kinda… gay. And not in a fabulous way either.

So answer me this. WOULD YOU scrap Would you Wednesday or WOULD YOU not?


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  1. Would You Wednesday = marginally attractive men or women you would or wouldn’t have sexual intercourse with. Yes I said intercourse and yes I ended my sentence with with. Ha did it again!


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