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I don’t even know what a Blogher is, but I want one

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So I missed Blogher ’07 which upsets me because it was in my most favvy city of all time. I do loves me some Chicago. Jack and I went there for our honeymoon. We totally did it in Chicago. A lot. Plus? Can I give a he-eyyy to the world’s best hot dogs? S’up s’up Portillo’s?!

Back to the point, what is a blogher? Will someone enlighten me? I get that it’s a convention of sorts, but what I don’t understand are Cheezeburger Parties, and exclusive parties. Like… are these exclusive, A league bloggers party invitation only? And if so, how is that fair? Also, how do I make sure I’m not one of the little people so I can scores me an invite? Also, what you actually do at the thing? Attend meetings? Meetings about what? Most important of all, how do I get invited to Blogher ’08, and will my roommate mind if my septum’s deviated and that I sometimes maybe fart in my sleep? (That was a joke.) (No it wasn’t.) What if I can’t find a roomie? BFF? Will you go to Blogher ’08 with me next year? Tell Marco now so he can adjust his schedule accordingly.


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  1. Hi there. Thanks for asking 🙂 BlogHer is an annual event for bloggers across all topic areas. You do not have to be invited to come, it is open to all, including men. There are lots of different kinds of sessions to reflect all the different things women are blogging about online. There are also BlogHer-hosted cocktail parties and other opportunities to network or simply hang out and meet other bloggers.

    You can find links to the kinds of sessions we had and more info here.

    But I see that some of your favorites from your blog roll to the right were there, so I have a feeling you’d have a lot of fun 🙂

  2. Sorry we missed you in Chicago!

    I’m the BlogHer event organizer, so I thought I’d just mention a few things. Because, you know, you asked.

    BlogHer is a site where our contributing editors blog about current issues, raising the visibility of other (women) bloggers throughout the world. The issues aren’t all women-related, but they’re all written by women.

    The BlogHer Conference is an annual event where everyone gets to come together and meet in person. It’s really a whole lot of fun. You have to purchase tickets (but they are super discounted rates compared to any other tech conference in the world) and there is a ton of swag. (Bloggers get lots of free stuff!)

    There are always tons of panels and awesome panelists (this year we had Amy Sedaris and Elizabeth Edwards, for example). Plus good food, drinks, and yes, parties.

    Please note: the “exclusive” and invite-only parties were *not* sponsored or promoted by BlogHer (and actually happened without permission or knowledge). It’s NOT equitable nor what BlogHer is about, and the organization that decided to do this ended up with a lot of angry bloggers…

    Um, there’s lots more to it, but basically anyone with a blog or even an interest in blogging is invited to come. The “blogebrities” are few and far between.

    Email me for more info. if you’d like. 🙂

  3. Rose I am so with you, Windy City, ya I been there, eager to go again! I won’t do “it” with you if thats what you’re going for though – sorry don’t swing that way. P.S. spun the pool thing like a top – not filling in this year but tarping this weekend. Boya BFF

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