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Okay. I’m convinced. I’m totally going to Bla gher ‘oh ate.

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Probably.  And I’m making Glenda the Good Bitch go with me. (I’ve renamed BFF – she won’t be offended, she knows she’s the good one) (Oooh!!! I know what! I’ll call you. BFF GoodBitch. Like the tire? Only… what? No? Hm.)

Now what were we talking about?

Ooh yes. Bla gHer ‘oh ate♣. Thanks to Kristy and Elisa and their informative comments clarifying what Bla gHer is and isn’t plus the Internet search I performed on my own (exhaustive!), I’m excited to say that yes! I’m wanting to go! Especially because I heard dildos were part of the ’07 swag. I’ve never had a dildo and I think that maybe it’s about time. But only if it’s free.

That’s – uh – probably way more than you needed to know.


BACK TO BLa GHER ‘oh ate



I have no idea when or where ’08’s convention will be.  I hope it’s somewhere close enough to drive. ♥

Now all I need is a date and some place lucrative to hook.

Don’t judge me. Bla gHer ain’t free ya know.


♣Since I have no useful info on 

B ‘0h ate I’d hate for people to

come here expecting something

 from me. I can’t stand my

cleverness! Someone inform



 ♥ I’m an excellent driver.

An excellent driver



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  1. Maybe Cleveland – we could stay with my bro in law.


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