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Things I want Thursday

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Because it would make my little brother cry.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not heartless. I like a good muppet show now and again.

I’m against Kermie disection on most days.

But to see Roger cry like the little red headed girl he is?


Worth it.




Where was this when I was having a crisis in faith?

Where was this when I was teaching in Catholic schools?

Where was this when I was looking for the perfect gift for Father last Christmas?


And finally?




I know it’s not funny, but I’m thirsty and getting my own glass of water means that I have to walk by the living room and if I do that there’s a good chance I’ll be seen by my children and that means that my Me Time is over for the day.

I can’t risk that.


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  1. I actually had something simular that a student gave me-not fancy Jesus shape and not as witty – it just gave bible passages to go to for the “answer”. It crossed my mind at the time that this could be made edgy and there for amusing, alas, never acted on that so I guess somebody else has my patten – Oh Pickles!


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