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Am I allowed to laugh at this?

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Okay, so my kids spent the night at Glenda’s the other night (bless! – Also? I don’t get that. Bless? Bless what? But the brits say it so I shall as well.). I stopped at a Wendy’s on the way to pick the up because it’s what we do. When we visit at lunch time we bring lunch. Our mommas raised us right!

I’d noticed while driving south on the highway that those going north weren’t in fact going at all. Didn’t care really as I was going and I was going the opposite direction, still, something to notice right? So yeah, I pulled into Wendy’s, ordered off the value menu and sat waiting and watching a helicopter circle the area about five times. I assumed it was a trafi-copter reporting on why there was a back up.  A black lady slid open the drive-thru window, leaned out and practically into my mini and looked up into the sky.

“Any idea what’s going on?” I asked. Because maybe there was something besides a back up. Something a bit more exciting. “Are they searching for someone?”

She started laughing, “I don’t know and I ain’t seen a black man outside to ask.”

It was funny and I laughed, and she laughed and said it again, the second time using the “n” word. Then I focused on my daughter even though she wasn’t doing anything or needing my attention because I don’t think I’m allowed to laugh at that, but she was still laughing. Laughing harder even. 

I was confused. Was it rude to stop laughing? Would she be offended at my reaction to the use of the “n” word? Was she doing it to make me uncomfortable? Was I just being too sensitive? Was I thinking too hard?  And where were my damn nuggets?! The people in line behind me were getting restless.

Then I got our food and left, so, you know, end of story. But still. Kinda awkward.


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