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Dude, I’ll help you this time, but really? Ewwwwwww

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To the person (or persons) who keep googling about their parents smelling them m as t er ba te and for whatever reasons wind up here? ‘Coupla things:

  1. Keep track of your diet. Are you eating stinky foods? Garlic? Asparagus?  Try eliminating them from your diet for a week and see if your parents notice then.
  2. Two words: Air Freshener.  Keep one in your room and keep it handy. Just don’t start getting aroused when you’re in the air freshener aisle at the Super Wall *mart. That would be embarrassing.
  3. Stop diddling when your parents are home.
  4. Always wash your hands before and after. And that just doesn’t apply to the gentle art of well… you know. It pretty much applies everywhere else in life – especially after you’ve fondled your nethers.
  5.  The shower. The water bill might go up, but there are so many powders and gels and smelly things in there that they’ll still know what you’re doing, but at least they won’t have to smell it.

Now you know, and knowledge is power.


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