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Right at this moment

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Things I’m doing right at this moment:

  • Watching my youngest brush her teeth with a glass of sweet tea.*
  • NOT looking at my bank balance. I know I have some money left, just not a lot and it’s depressing
  • Hoping my mother doesn’t want to come over to look at her pictures from Europe. I don’t have the gumption that it takes to get my house ‘mother is coming over’ ready.
  • Letting my children dine on Nutty Butty Bars – and calling it breakfast.*
  • Still wearing my pajamas.
  • Suggesting to all 3 of my children that they go watch television* or play on the computer.

*Britney, I think your reign of White Trash Momma Supreme (yeah, like the pizza) is coming to an end.


(She doesn’t look pleased.)


BOOM! I gotcher title!

(NOT an actual picture. Usually I’m in my Nascar baby tee.)


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  1. Noooot quite…first you’ll have to drive down the most dangerous freeway in your state with one of your kids in your lap! Be sure to find a random stranger unfortunate enough to be standing close enough to you to get a positive description so you can blame them as paparazzi 😛
    Gotta run…the moth on my paper clip is staring at me

  2. are you eating spray cheese from that bottle in your left hand or is it spray paint and you are huffing

  3. I think it’s wd 40. But I’ve been known to make a few whore durves with cheese from a can WHILE huffing the spray paint.

  4. ah you were doing auto repair when this was taken


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