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Did I just say that?

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Because I don’t really use my internal censor very much I’m prone to say things that others find “weird” or “inappropriate” or “freakish.” Motherhood hasn’t helped.

I’ve spouted the following gems:

“Don’t lick your sister.” (You have to say it like you’re totally defeated or you’re not saying it right.)

“I’m tired of stepping in your poop!” (Don’t ask. But it was current.)

“If you don’t eat vegetables you’ll die. Do you want to die?!”

And just this morning:

*”Don’t stick the meat to the wall.” (Again, like you’re totally defeated.)

*I was totally against Lunch*ables on frugal principal, but guys? They make the best breakfasts for toddlers. Ignoring the nitrates, etc, let’s focus on the positive!
Lunch*ables are SELF-CONTAINED and portable, and if you get the right ones, NOT MESSY.
(Minus of course the cheese ground into the upholstery, cracker crumbs in the carpet, and meat stuck to the foyer wall.)

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