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Things I Want Thursday

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 So many wants, so little money.

Let’s begin.




I want this door poster. I want to put it on my bedroom door so I can open my door and be all, “Doc-tah! I’m ready for our next adventure!” And then Jack can be all, “Knock it off. I’m not The Doctor.” And then I can be all, “Doctah? You look so different! Did you regenerate again?!” Then Jack can be all, “I’m serious. I hate when you do this.” And I can be all, “Doctah! Do you need a spot of tea? Will the tannic acid help complete the regeneration?!”

And if you’re not into the new Doctor Who you probably didn’t get that.

But I did, and isn’t that what’s important?


Moving on





Dude! Are these incredible or what?

Seriously! For once I’m being practical. Gag gift for your boss’s 40th birthday party.

I think I might get this for Jack’s grandma. She hates me anyway. To be safe I’ll apply it when she’s napping at the dinner table.





Because I’m always looking for ways to say “I’m cultured yet WACKY!” in the bathroom.

(I take my home decorating very seriously.)



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