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Hi Skool Muzakal 2

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I put it that way so no twittery tweens would come here and have their latest Z. F*ron crush crushed.

I hate HSM2. HATE.

I wish Sharpie would get bitch-slapped by everyone. I wish Mucas would stand up to his sister and also find a same-sexed lovah. Or at the very least lose the hat. Hat =s Lame.  I wish someone would tell Assley Tis’dale that she can’t sing. I wish that girl who plays Blabriella would stop reminding me of that perfect girl from high school that I wanted to back over “accidentally” during driver’s ed. But mostly? Mostly I wish Z’ak F*Ron wasn’t so orange.

Seriously. Z’ak? Sunset Tan wasn’t good for you.

I know. It sounds like I’m a little emotionally invested. I wanted to be. I thought the first one was cute. I was rooting for those two crazy kids to get in the winter show and strut their stuff. I thought for the longest time that the drama teacher was Meryl Streep. She wasn’t, but I do enjoy an eccentric drama teacher. But, the sequel? OMG. Make it stop. Make it freakin’ stop.

See the thing is? My girls LURVE HSM2. I think they’ve watched it 6 times since it premiered on The Disney Channel last week. They know the songs. They think they know the dances. They call dibs on the characters. (“I’m Sharpie!” “Only if I’m Blabriella!” “Okay, but Croy’s my boyfriend!!” “No WAY! Croy does not like Sharpie!” And on it goes.) It’s their obsession du jour and who am I to pee on their muzikal?

But Tivo? I wouldn’t blame you if you deleted it. Sure, I might pretend to ground you but then I’d wink at you and you’d know that it’s all just for show. I’m jes sayin’.

Amy just informed me that Hi Skool Muzakal 3 is in the works.




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  1. I feel your pain, Grace Kelly has only seen it once cause of the whole cable dibacle but we have posters, lordy we have posters. We have singing while we organize uniforms fo rthe first day, we have “dance moves” as we clear the dinner table. I haven’t seen either one and I hate them both. Some good news for #3 – I believe I heard it was to be on the big screen, so we will get a short break before it comes to DVD.


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