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Hump (or death) Day

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To me this is a no brainer, but I’m curious how you feel about him.

And, okay, the face might not be to your liking, but the voice? Humanah humanah.

I have no idea if that was a compliment or a slam, but really? With that voice does it matter?


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  1. OK Death. Also you being ahead of the schedule had me worried for a whole 10 minutes that I was behind a day and had missed sending the children back to school on the correct day. Please don’t confuse me, I am so easily confused.

  2. Lol to being ahead a day, I was confused all week by it (oh, and it IS only Tuesday!) I pick death too.

  3. OH crap
    I guess it is only Tuesday
    and I can’t believe you’d choose death! Both of you


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