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Tween birthday party

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*If you came here in search of tween birthday party ideas, let me direct you to because they have tween friendly mystery parties that are easy and inexpensive. And when I say something’s easy, it’s EASY because I would hire someone to tie my sneakers if I could. We hosted one of these parties and it was a HIT. By far her favorite party ever.  Now onto the original posting:

For those of you not in the know, a tween is a child between 8 and 12. A really awkward age. Sometimes those years are referred to as “The Ugly Years” not only because their little bodies are in transition, but because their hormones are transitioning as well. It ain’t pretty. It’s difficult to be them, and it’s difficult to be around them. I should know. I have 2 tweens and one of them has a birthday coming up.

Let it be known that I used to throw fabulous birthday parties for my kids when they were little. Events one might even go so far as to lable them. Themes abounded – princesses and pirates, butterflies and bugs, wizards and witches. Jack and I would make a fantabulous themed cake, I’d make costumes for the kids to wear during the party and as take home favors (wonderful capes one year, googly feelers for the bug theme, wizard hats), we had games and food and it was all very fun. And a lot of work.

As the girls got older, the amount of work and money that went into these parties seemed seemed less and less worth it and we moved onto partying elsewhere. Bowling alleys, themed restaurants, zoos and amusement parks. The girls liked them because it was was everyone was doing. I liked them because they weren’t at my house and I just had to show up, write a check, and leave. It spoiled me.

This year after years of not partying at home Amy has decided that she wants her party at home again. Themed. And not just any theme, but a mystery theme. Not Nancy Drew but kinda like Nancy Drew, but NOT Nancy Drew.  She wants to host a tween murder mystery.

I want to die.

“You’re sure you don’t want Dave and Busters?”

“Yep. I’m sure. I want a murder mystery.”

“We could rent out the library and you could all read silently.”

Mo-om! I think we should write it. I can direct it. OH! And dad can video tape it!”

“Orrrrrr we could do a whole retro thing at Chuck *E* Sleaze! You know, a kind of blast from the past! I’ll spring for extra tokens!”

“Mom! Stop! I want my party to be at home and I want it to be a murder mystery and I want about 400 of my friends to come.”

“That’s a lot of thank you cards you’ll have to write,” I mused. “How about we fly you and your best friend to Walt Disney World for a week? That’d be a great party. Just the two of you at the amusement park and on the beach. No parents! Huh?”

“I’m not talking to you about this anymore.”

“Or Paris. We could fly you and Abigail Breslin to Paris.”

“I’m serious. This conversation is over.”

I sighed. Resigned. In early October there will be a murder mystery party in our home. There will be roles assigned and costumes. There will probably be a sleepover which means I’ll have to wake up and put on a bra and make pancakes for 400 of her closest and bestest friends.

I think it’s going to suck. Do any of you have any suggestions?


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  1. Hey, check out this site. My nephew was into these for a while too, you can get a book on Amazon. My advice is to give each person their persona on their invite and have their parents come up with a costume! 😉 Have fun.

  2. Thanks for the review of my web site

    To say thanks to your readers I’ve created a discount code just for them. Purchase ‘Case of the Missing Ring’ mystery party with discount code cacklinrose and get $5.00 off.

    Happy celebrations,
    Lou Anne McKeefery

  3. stressed out party organizer/mom

    Please email me as to what you ended up doing.., and how it all went! I am in the same boat with my soon to be 9 year old daughter, like in 2 weeks, and WOW you are so not kidding about the difficult stage …

  4. This web site should help you a lot.
    It has great ideas on just about everything party related.

  5. Hey. Thanks for sharing the link for Tween bday!
    Keep it up!!
    God bless you!!


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