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But she has the highest IQ…

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I’m happily munching away on my Spaghetti Hoops with meatballs when Helen sits down next to me.

“You hungry?” I ask. “There’s another can of this in the pantry.”

“But mine are always soggy,” she says sadly.

“Soggy?” I wasn’t sure I understood. Soggy how? How can knock off Spaghettios be soggy? It’s unheard of.

“Yeah. When I add water to them and microwave them they get soggy.”

I’ve been wondering why I keep finding huge amounts of discarded Spaghetti Hoops in my sink.

“Maybe you should stop adding water to them,” I suggest, but inside I’m worried for my child. Smart kid, but little things in life seem to confuse her. Ready made foods for one.

Of course, I can’t really fault her too much. I have to call Glenda for instructions whenever I make rice.


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  1. It’s OK, she’s pretty.

  2. That made me chuckle. Kids are like that, all of them, I promise you!


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