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Kanton Deontology for kids

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People type in strange things and end up here and for those who don’t find what they seek I apologize.  I also appreciate the opportunity to expand my mind. Kanton Deontology for example. I had to look it up, but it’s this whole theory about choices and making choices and maxims (NOT the magazine) and imperatives and categorical and moral imperatives and now I finally get that line in Real Genius when Val Kilmer says, “It’s a moral imperative!” right before they set about making Kent hear God through his braces. Not to do so would be wrong. Or something.

I’m not sure why you’d want to teach it to kids. It’s kind of heavy, isn’t it? I mean, aren’t kids supposed to be running amuck outside or playing video games or learning multiplication or something? I fear this might make their heads explode. But what do I know? My kid thinks you add water to Spaghetti Hoops. Maybe if we’d focused more on the principle that we never add water to ready to serve canned goods and she understood the theory behind the practice and the man who suggested it I might not have to worry about her as much as I do. I will look into it, but frankly, I took an ethics class in college and the only thing I got from it besides a C was the number of a really cute guy named David.

Moving on.

To the woman who no longer loves her husband, I am so sorry about that. I know for certain that this is not the blog for you because you definitely do not want to read about how much I love mine. Yeah, he can be a complete idiot and do some really insensitive stuff, but mostly he’s very cool and I’m sorry you don’t have that.  Or maybe you do and it’s just not what you need anymore. In either case I suggest honesty, counselling, and a really good lawyer. I hope things improve for you and I hope you find the life you deserve.

For the person interested in Carl Switzer’s personal life and family? I applaud your interest. Carl led a really sad life. A lot of his misery he made himself, but overall, he had it rough. He was married for 4 months and has a son. He also had the misfortune of leaving this mortal coil on the same day as Cecil B. Demille. Whether or not he was murdered or it was a self-defense killing is debated, but his death involved a dog and $50. Poor Alfalfa.

And finally for the person who searched for Don’t be a dork, wrap your pork – I feel a t-shirt coming on. Specifically I think it’d be an awesome slogan for a popular roadside restaurant that specialized in bbq pork wraps. I’m seeing something vintage and vaguely sexual. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I ROLL.


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