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Things I want Thursday

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You know, it’s not that I don’t like my neighbors. I’ve actually only talked to them twice. Still, since everyone has neighbor from hell stories to share it’s only fair that I give them something to talk about. It’s the right and thoughtful thing to do. I have found the following items that will help the neighborly relations:


I don’t garden, but for him I would plant something and tend to it just so this little buddy had a home. I might even do a whole “theme” garden. I could grow ivy out of an abandoned toilet!



for baby showers

It’s practical and to the point and not at all misleading because

babies are forever pooping. Plus, heh. I think it’d be a hit

with all my fertile techy friends.

Well, friend.

OOOH!!! If the neighbor gets knocked up I can buy it for her!!

It will pair nicely with a long denim skirt I think.




OMG doesn’t this just RULE?

Y’all! This ranks up there with the gremlin in the shitter.

This might qualify as a need.

We’re the tacky family who decorates with inflatables. Santa on his sleigh and hugging snowmen at Christmas.

An inflatable birthday castle on birthdays. A black cat, pumpkins, and ghosts emerging from a pumpkin for Halloween.

And now this.




I hope my neighbors celebrate Halloween.

Or maybe I don’t.

heh heh heh.


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