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Hump (or death) Day

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Recently Glenda the Good Bitch and I have become fans of Rock of Love. She watches it more regularly than I, but I’ve seen enough to know what’s going on.  It’s not that I find Bret Michaels particularly hot – because I don’t. But apparently there are some women out there who do. 

Are you one of them?

Brett Michaels.


Or death?


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  1. Ok, I wouldn’t because a) he hasn’t got that much hair anymore and the long but bald thing is yuky and b) odds are there have been many “penecillin opportunities” (aka cooties) in his past – double yucky. I don’t watch the show for him, It’s really just an interest in the degridation of our society as we spiril into our own “fall of Rome”, plus, I feel smarter, more moral, and more successful in life when I compare mayself to the tramps that signed up for the public humiliation fest that it is.

  2. I would die, again. BUT, if there was a rock star from that era I would be forced to do, it might be him…cooties aside, he almost died from being TOO rockstar like, so I think he is probably more clean than most of them….


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