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Here I sit (on a towel) waiting for my ass to explode

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So I took an Alli today at lunch and now I’m waiting for the inevitable outcome. Pun intended. I’m a little nervous, you know? But in anticipation of badness I am NOT leaving my house and I AM wearing dark colored pants AND a pad.

Way more than you ever wanted to know, right?

In other news, Olivia has started singing and it is so. damn. cool.  Seriously. I love hearing her little voice pipe up in the middle of a song. Today on the way home from lunch she just started singing the Bubbly song by that Canadian girl who’s not Celine Dion. Then she became “the onnnnaly princess” with Avril. Then she and Gwen Steffani had a duet. 

And in other news, my condolences to Britney and her career.  I was kind of rooting for the girl to do well. I mean, yeah, I enjoy mocking her and judging her parenting, but ultimately, I love a good comeback story. I root for the underdog. I watched Rudy about a hundred times. I was hoping the VMAs would be her big game, ya know? Turns out Coach shoulda kept her on the bench. Or maybe she thought it was a crowded sound check and she sort of… just… marked through her performance.  Whatever the reason, it wasn’t fabulous.  Assume the position, Britney.


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  1. So when did it happen – were there cramps to go with or just greasy explosions? Curious minds want to know!


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