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In which I piss and moan

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This is me:


This is me during allergy season:

I’ve taken my Claritin. I’ve used my neti pot (a.k.a “snotty pot”). I’ve dusted and vaccuumed to cut down on allergens in my environment. NOTHING has helped. I woke up sneezing and haven’t stopped.  It’s been 2 hours. I am flippin’ M to the iserable.


Plus? Olivia’s newest television obsession features this guy .

You want my life. You know you do.


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  1. oh gawd do i fell your pain…gotta get some new meds in a BAD way…hope you get relief soon

  2. Yo Gabba Gabba Gay Guy was doing some bump and grind thing I am officially banning his alternative ass in this house. My daughter weeps fro her lost friend.

  3. Christ, that’s funny.


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