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Tween birthday party revisited

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Way back in September my oldest Amy turned 11. She requested and received a mystery birthday party. Mothers (and fathers) of tweens? If you have the guts, this is the way to go. Seriously. It was quite possibly the best birthday ever.  We used a friend’s copy of The Case of the Missing Ring over at and pretty much followed the guide word for word. It was easy because everything is spelled out for you – your lines, when to go get the snacks ready… EVERYTHING. I only said ‘if you have the guts’ earlier because it does require that you play a role and if you’re not into that sort of thing GET OVER YOURSELF AND GET INTO IT FOR YOUR KID’S ENJOYMENT. 

Jack’s grandma is as old as God and it thrilled her when we asked her to play a major role in the play. Major points for me! If you have old people around? Ask them to help. It adds to the specialness of the night.  We also asked Jack’s fun, tall, and gorgeous sister to play the part of the “party co-ordinator” when the script said to send them to “the library” for games. They thought that was fun, she enjoyed it, and it only took an hour or so of her time. It also freed me up to get dinner (pizza/salad/pasta – served on china) set up. Most of all it made Amy feel special because her aunt took time out for her. Got any aunts or uncles willing to give up an hour or so? Recruit them.

I loved this party for a few reasons. 1) It was different than the usual fete. 2) The girls were actively involved in solving the mystery. There was no time to get bored and cause trouble. And 3) It was mature enough that they felt “older,” but not so much that it was beyond them.   Oh, and 4) It made ME look really really good.

So, for those of you who follow the link here when you type in ‘Tween Party’ just go on over to  They’re reasonably priced and they have parties for all interests and most ages.

A word of warning though, if you decide to get fancy like I did and take the scripts to the printers to be printed on both sides? It will cost you an ASS LOAD of money ($80 – for 10 scripts double sided and *like an idiot* in color). Don’t get fancy like I did. Print one sided page and spiral bind them so the little tweeny boppers don’t lose pages. I suppose that’s karma’s way of getting me for using borrowed materials.


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  1. Thanks for the review of my product. Tip for anyone reading; print the booklets in draft mode. For that matter print most of your everyday materials in draft and use 1/2 the ink.

    The only booklet you may want to print in color is the adult manual; because your lines are in red.

    I have a coupon for your readers, Purchase Case of the Missing Ring for $5.00 off with discount code cacklinrose

    Happy celebrating!
    Lou Anne McKeefery


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