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Happy Birthday!!

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Wow, it is a BIG day friends. Sooo many talented people born on this day.

Let’s get started, shall we?

First… and I’m dating my parents (not like that)… when I was young I played my mom’s 45s non-stop and this song Honey was one of my maudlin favorites. Right up there with Seasons in the Sun. I’d listen to it and cry and it felt good.

Happy Birthday Bobby Goldsboro:  


poet, artist, writer, and singer of Honey.

Not to be outdone is our next celebrity.

Danny freakin’ Sisters and I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Kaye.

Talented actor and musician, prone to black moods and affairs, and just plain

flippin’ incredible.


Go on with your awesome, rumored to be gay, and undeniably dead self!

t’pocket t’pocket t’pocket


And last, but definitely NOT LEAST!!!!!

Happy birthday Cary Grant.


Star of one of the best movies EVER MADE EVER IN THE WORLD


Also rumored to be gay/bi-sexual. Also? Dead. Deader than dirt.






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