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There are things in life that you can’t recover from

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Being lead into thinking that the Doctor Who Season Premiere being touted on BBC America is the SEASON 4 premiere and then it turning out to be the season 3 premiere – which… WE’VE ALREADY SEEN SEASON 3 – could quite possibly be one of those things. 

Amelia and I cleared our shed-ules, bought our nick-nacks, and happily counted down the minutes until our very raison d’etre would air. Amy had a sleepover party across town, Jack had taken Olivia to play with her cousin for the evening: the two of us were left alone in our geeky little sci-fi world.

“Doctah!” I said rapping on Amelia’s bedroom door.  “Doctah! I fink the Slitheen are in the carport!”


“Mom, you are so weiiiiiiiiird!”

“I’m not taking the piss! Slitheen! In the carport! Let’s ‘ave a look!”

It took a few minutes of me begging her to call me ‘mum’ and an online search to prove that ‘taking the piss’ wasn’t me being mean to her but in fact me being so totally british and cool.  She never did join me in the carport, but then, I’m not sure if carport is british or not so she might have been right not to. She did however join me in my bed, surrounded by chips and sweeties, and we settled in to watch what we’d been waiting for since August of 2007.

It was, however, not meant to be. 

“Mum,” she said after the teaser finished. “We’ve seen this.”

“This can’t be right! It said 2 hour season premiere. Tonight. Starting at 7. Maybe it was the Sci-Fi channel?” I flipped the station and we both jumped as Thirteen Ghosts did their freaky thing. 

“Turn it! Turn it! Wait! Is this Scooby Doo 3?”  (‘Cause see, Matthew Lillard is in 13 Ghosts andScooby Doo.)  

(matthew-l.jpg      matthew-l-s-d.jpg)

“Moo-ooom! You’re stealing my innocence! It’s not healthy for me to watch things like this! It’s not Scooby Doo 3. There is no Scooby Doo 3. Shaggy is NOT real. TURRRRN IT!”

So I turned it back to BBC America and while it wasn’t quite as satisfying, Amelia and I watched the rehashed SEASON 3 Doctor Who Christmas Special and then the follow up epi. where The Doctor, fresh off his Rose Tyler and Donna loss meets Martha Jones.  Good stuff. But NOT good enough to make up for NOT being season 4.

Regard (!) whilst I let my geek flag wave!


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