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A mother’s worry

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My oldest daughter just informed me that she is auditioning for a role in their school musical. 

I’ll give you a minute to recover. Especially if you’re a mother and you’re very aware that maybe…

juuuuuuuuust maybe…

your child





Of course I said, “YES! That sounds like a fantastic idea!” because you know, I could totally be wrong in my assessment. That is entirely possible.

I’ve been wrong before.

Who needs computers when we have typewriters and calculators?

  Boys. My 7 year old self was wrong about boys.

TOTALLY wrong about television in the van.

See? Lots of things I’ve been wrong about.  Lots of things I didn’t believe in, but in hindsight turned out to be essential.  So, Amy? GO FOR IT!

But please don’t get your heart broken!


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