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Back in November Hannah Montana in 3D was advertised at our theater. Thinking it’d be a great gift in their stockings I bought 4 tickets for the Amy and Amelia. And it was. It was a great gift. They planned their night out with their best friends for over a month and last night was THE BIG NIGHT.

My role in the evening was the one of chauffeur. I was to drive them to Sub-way, where I would pay for their meals and then eat mine on the other side of the restaurant and let them pretend they were grown.  I would then ferry them to the theater where I was to drop them off at the front and then disappear. So they could pretend they were grown.  What I did after that I was told, was up to me. 

Gah! It was a difficult moment for me. My babies and their best friends didn’t even look back as they linked arms and strolled confidently and loudly into the theater.  Even though my girls were armed with numbers and cell phones and strict instructions to stay in their seats and not go anywhere with anyone who wasn’t me, and they were surrounded by throngs of other tweeners all making plans to date any of the Jonas Brothers, I was nervous.  Would they remember everything I’ve been teaching them from birth? Stranger danger? Always find a FEMALE employee if someone bugs you or if you get lost? Travel in pairs – more if possible? In the event of a fire hold your sister’s hand and EXIT THE BUILDING quickly? 

My plan had been to spend a quiet hour and a half at the bookstore across the street sipping flavored coffee and perusing the self-help section. I’d be close, but I wouldn’t be CLOSE. What actually happened? I stood in line for 10 minutes to buy myself a $15.00 ticket to see Hannah Montana in 3D with the Jonas Brothers.  I’d just sit in the far back where I’d munch popcorn and quietly make sure my daughters and their friends weren’t kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. Unfortunately it was a sold out show.

I did however get to see 3/4 of the movie 27 Dresses in the theater right next to Hannah.  If anyone could tell me how 27 Dresses ended I’d appreciate it because I left. Not because it wasn’t worth sitting through (it was. It is totally cute!), but because I just couldn’t stand the thought of not being RIGHT THERE when my girls exited their theater.  In a totally non-obvious, chauffeur capacity of course.


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