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Jack and I do adore a night out without the chitlins.  We haven’t had one in a long time so I was kind of hoping that for Valentine’s Day he’d recruit his mother to watch the ghouls.  (It’s not like old peoplecelebrate The Day of LURVE.) Alas, he did not. Instead he suggested a lunch date. Not a night in a hotel, but it sounded promising – my favorite restaurant Pappadeaux’s and perhaps home for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ before he returned to the office to be very big and important.  “You choose the place,” he said. “Maybe someplace with a habi-trail so Olivia can run around.”  Be still my heart.  Careful there Jack, I’m about to swoon. A romantic Valentine’s Day lunch with my lovah, my soul-mate, at Mc*Donalds or the Burger King next to the highway. With our 3 year old.

I think I might need a new outfit for this unexpected and thoughtful surprise.

*And yes, I do realize that I could make romantic plans, but I’m alllllways the one making the plans.  I’m allllllways the one calling the sitter. 

** Whining is sexy, don’t you think?


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