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The House of Sicker

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You might want to wash your hands when you’re finished with this site.  My kids all three are gross.  The sick kind of gross that translates into snot.  Icky, thicky, copious snot. It flows freely in this home of ours.  I can’t take it any more. Seriously y’all. I can’t go anywhere without seeing a used tissue because my children do not understand the purpose of the many trash bins we have strewn about the home in convenient locations.  Amelia is the biggest culprit right now, but that’s only because Olivia is starting to be less… um… green about the nostril area. Amy, while a little hacky with the productive cough, is the healthiest of the three and spends as little time in our company as we allow.  She’ll do anything to get the hell out of SnottyDodge.  She refuses to enter any room that her sisters are in. She will not sit where they’ve sat.  If one happens to wander too close in her general di-rection she will repel them away by the sheer force of her glare or an offended shriek of, “I don’t want your sickness!”  Lots of fun.

I’m not sure how to get rid of this phlegmy illness that has overtaken Chez Rosie.  I clean.  I keep the kids clean.  We don’t admit to sharing glasses or toothbrushes (Amy: “Why is my toothbrush wet?! I haven’t brushed my teeth in 2 days!!! It should be dry!! Gah! I hate living here!”  Amelia: “I dunno.” *ting* )


So what should I do? Burn the house? Boil the kids? Stock up on Lie-sol? 

A little help here.




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