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Instead of pouting about that incident with Jack I’ve decided to take his challenge. Lose weight at home.  True, it’s not California with Bob and Jillian and that actress, but it doesn’t mean that I still can’t put myself and my needs first, right?  I won’t be able to spend 4 – 6 hours a day in the gym, but I will be able to do twice a day – an hour in the morning and an hour when Jack gets home from work.  Olivia will come with me in the morning, of course, but the instant Jack walks in the door, the kids and their activities are all on him. Because he pissed me off and this is what petty, vindictive people like myself do when we’re upset.

Okay, so maybe I’m still pouting, but WHATEVER.  Doctor Phil said if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. Well Momma ain’t happy and Momma is responsible for her own happiness, right?  This is me getting happy – and hopefully a smokin’ hot body (wooh!) that will carry my spirit a few more years than this body will.  Plus? Size 10.  And probably? More sex. Most likely? I’ll get discovered standing in line at Sub*way and my modeling career will take off! 

In all honesty what I really want to do is stop hiding from life.  I know being fit isn’t a panacea. I know there are issues behind the weight, but if I don’t have an extra 80 pounds weighing me down that’s one less thing in my bag of excuses. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a weight loss blog. I’ll make a new one for that that will be linked on the side. That way for those of you who like to envision Reese Witherspoon spouting off my witty nuggets and pithy pithiness, the fantasy will remain in tact. 

Plus? 3 months until I’m forced to spend a week at the beach with my sister-in-law. 

sister in law

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  1. When did Tonita go burnet?


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