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Happy Birthday!

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Big day for birthdays. BIG.  I don’t want to dilly or dally so I’ll get straight to it.

Happy 76th to Elizabeth FutherMuckin’ Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor

Actress, ex-wife, tabloid target, humanitarian, and smells really good. Or at least she should. Unless she’s dead.  She’s not dead is she?


How y’all feelin’ toniiiiiiiight? A little under the weather? Well maybe babies it’s sumpin’

DOCTOR JOHNNY FEVER could cure!!!!!

Happy 68th Birthday Howard Hessman.

johnny fever

Baby, if you ever wonder…

wonder whatever became of me…

I’m livin’ on the air in Cincinnati…

Cincinnati WKRP…

Harry Chapin wrote a song entitled WOLD and I can’t help but think that Dr. Johnny Fever as brilliantly portrayed by Howard Hessman might have been the inspiration.  If you have close to six minutes and access to Harry Chapin I suggest you give it a listen.

Moving on because this list just does not stop:

Happy 106th Birthday

to the man who confused many a student with an entire chapter devoted to a turtle crossing the road.

What the hell, John Steinbeck. What the hell?

Heh. I just ran spellcheck and FutherMuckin’ was not even picked up.  Heh.




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