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  First? Where are Max and Ruby’s parents? Why do they live alone in their tidy house when they should be with Grandma? Also, while BFF Glenda thinks Ruby has the patience of a saint, I grow annoyed with the condescending tone she uses with Max. Am I alone on this?

carls_baby_journal.jpg   Second? Why has no one called Child Protective Services on Carl’s owner?  Really? Entrusting your Rottweiler with the care of your baby? I don’t care how good a dog Carl is… he ain’t watchin’ the nugget.


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  1. I’ve always wondered about the Carl books too!

  2. Amen sister! I totally agree.

  3. LOL! My husband *hates* Ruby. He always yells at her to quick being so bossy and let Max have some breathing room. He finally admitted she acts just like his sister did when they were little.


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