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With our digital cable we get free movie channels. There is a reason these channels are free. Oh my god I’ve been subjected to the worst movies ever. How do these movies get funding or backing or.. anything? Because they are that bad.  Rx – That Bad. The Dark – That Bad. Tideland – DISTURBING! Some may call it art (and I’ll agree to the point that the cinematography was for the most part beautiful), but I won’t even meet them halfway. I’ll remain stubbornly in my corner. It started out disturbing and it didn’t vary one inch. From the child preparing her parents’ heroin to the child curling up beside her dead father’s farting corpse, to the creepy little doll heads she kept as companions. Dissenting opinions can be emailed to TidelandsIsDisturbingIDon’ The little actress was an incredible little actress though – way better than Dakota Wild-eyed Fanning, but try to find her in something else. You don’t want to watch this.


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