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So I was watching Danny Noriega getting eliminated last night and it struck me that 1) it was too soon for him to go. Boy is muy talented, si? and 2) if he had won top three in American Idol, he and Christian Siriano would have been a FIERCE couple. It would have been TMTH (to0 much to handle).      


danny-noriega-photo_416x441.jpg    christian_l.jpg

The egos and the gayness and the fabulousness of these two individuals would have been overwhelmingly wonderful.  It also might have imploded. For them to have worked they would both have to have been equally successful because their “I’m way more FIERCE than you!” and their, “Girl, I am so much more TMTH than you are!” fights could have gotten nasty.  “HELLOOOO didn’t even make the top 12,” Christian would sneer. “Have you met me? I WON PROJECT RUNWAY with my Big Bird dress, bitches!”  Then they’d both cry and sit in a corner rocking. Then they’d totally go shopping and make fun of fat girls.


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