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Tell me, how is this fair?

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Tomorrow Spring Break commences.  Friday will be “whine about everyone being in Florida but US” day. Saturday we will be spending at my husband’s parents’ home coloring Easter eggs, eating lasagna, celebrating March birthdays, hiding Easter eggs, and pretending it’s Easter. Sunday will be, of course, Easter Sunday where we will go and stand through a service like all the others who only attend church for weddings, funerals, Christmas, Easter, and Baptisms (of our own spawn) and then disappoint the girls with their pitifully empty and small Easter baskets. Seriously, a 60 minute trac phone card, a bag of organic chocolate and some gum.  Thanks Easter Bunny, bwak bwak.  Anyway, Monday Jack and my father leave FOR VEGAS!!!! and until Thursday it will be just me and the girls. On Spring Break where all of their friends are in Florida. 



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  1. you could go to evansville with me and visit my in-laws and my sister in laws deceased elderly boyfriend’s ashes that she keeps in the car trunk so he can “be close”. Trade ya!

  2. Okay. You win.


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