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Jack came home from bidness travel last night and I decided that it would be a good night for a date. I called my mom and she agreed to watch the girls. I shaved, I plucked, I put on the make up. I floated downstairs on a cloud of Lovely to inform my very lucky husband that we – just the two of us- were going to see a movie, a movie I had chosen to please him – Doomsday, and then we were going to dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Except we didn’t go. Amy had yoga, Amelia had soccer, and my parents just aren’t comfortable driving everyone everywhere – especially when it involves Olivia, so I cancelled and threw a fantastic tantrum.

So, yeah, that was fun.

 Moving on…


Amelia’s soccer coach will heretofore be known as Sportacus because aside from the weird mustache he looks and acts just like our favorite Icelandic Slightly Above Average Super Hero. Down to the accent.  Minus the creepy “In a few years you will be old enough to marry me” vibe I get between Stephanie and Sporty. I dunno. Maybe things are different in Iceland.

Next order of business: How are you spending your economic incentive check?

Jack and I have decided to stimulate the American economy with season passes to our local amusement/water park. Actually, I’m pretty stoked and I think BFF Glenda needs to do the same thing so we can spend the summer chasing Olivia,  Marion Ross, Kirk Douglas, and Chanel #4 around kiddy land whilst our oldests run amok elsewhere and ignore our frantic “where are you now?!” phone calls.  Aside from the initial investment it’d be a pretty cheap summer activity – we could be those moms who keeps the cooler in the minivan and drags everyone back to the parking lot to eat hot bologna sandwiches and warm mealy apples and half-melted generic granola bars EVEN THOUGH LAROSA’S IS RIGHT THEREWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! You know, like our moms did.

Spend people. Stimulate our economy any way you can. I remember the 70s. Please don’t let a recession bring back the leisure suit.


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  1. So sorry about the date. That stinks! And the season pass sounds like a great idea – summer fun…like the good old days 😉


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