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Because my little brother is no longer a pain in the ass kid who my parents like better than me

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Because I kind of love my little brother Shipwreck a lot I am going to give his labor of love a shout out! Holllah! 

I mentioned in my last post (My Big Redneck Wedding – Gail and John) that my awesome brother and his equally as awesome wife (well, probably MORE awesome than my brother because she puts up mightily with his quirks and those of our mother. But not mine because I am quirkless. Sans quirk.) have a podcast Cagforeplay over at If you’re not in the mood to listen to their witty, married, game oriented banter that I sometimes play in the background because I find their voices comforting, they also have a mini-blog on Cheapie’s site where they pretty much review the newest releases on XBOX 360, Nintendo DS, Playstation and those other systems that the young folk are talking about today.  You know, if you’re interested in that sort of thing or are in the market to buy your kid/niece/nephew/significant other a recently released game.  They won’t stear you wrong.

They are also miles better with punctuation than I am. And Jenn, my first negative commenter? Shipwreck would never EVER confuse Princess Leia with her lesser known evil twin LEAH. He is just that cool.


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