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Vincent D’onofrio – the man of my dreams

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I know that it’s tacky to discuss your dreams unless you’re a patient of Carl Jung or that Freud guy. No one wants to hear them and no, they aren’t funny or interesting to ANYONE buy you. That said, last week I dreamed that I was dying. I was a very pretty dying person – back lit and everything, but that’s not the point. The point is I had five days left and was choosing who was going to be with me during those five days. I chose Vincent D’onofrio. Not Jack. Not my kids. Vincent. Vincent was very humble and honored. I also think he probably fell in love with me because who wouldn’t, right?

A few days ago, dream Rosie was back in college, hangin’ with her cool and casual and very pretty friends. We were walking to our night class when we passed a group of men walking the other way. I think I was the new girl or whatever because my very pretty friend introduced me to the guys and VINCENT D’ONOFRIO was with them. He nodded that cool hello nod guys nod when they’re cool and saying hello and I fell in love with him. Then dream things happened. Then we were all hanging out in someone’s basement and Vincent was playing his guitar and I joined in with Guitar Hero. Because I am just that cool. He thought it was funny and then got distracted by some pretty girl with long legs and hair. I pined.

Apparently I pined successfully because last night I was in The Big City in student housing/ apartments and I was in the apartment Vincent and I had shared (bliss) until we’d broken up (sob). I was looking through the bottom drawer of the dresser that is now in my (real) garage at all the Vincent and Rosie memorabilia. Then my boyfriend Jack called me to the other side of the complex where our room was so we could arrange our apartment. I was happy to be with him but also nervous that Vincent D’onofrio would want back into my life and then there’d be a quandary. Jack and I were engaged! Would I give that up if Vincent D’onofrio wanted back into my life? How could I do that to Jack?! What kind of foul creature was I?! But if Vincent wanted me back, how could I refuse since obviously he was the love of my life?! Jack was so loyal and so cute as we lounged in our twin dorm bed talking about how his parents were going to freak about us living together.  It was really going to be difficult to break his heart and go back to Vincent D’onofrio. Poor guy had/has no idea what was coming.



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  1. SOOOOOOOO sexy!
    That picture ( like 15 yrs old) is not too bad either.

  2. I think you’d HAVE to go back to Vincent!

  3. I can’t imagine anyone I would choose over Vincent.

  4. He (Vincent) is NOT so hard to fall in love with…well the younger one. He is looking a little steroidal lately…and not the pumpyouup type, the medicinal type.

  5. you have to pick Vincent. I would have picked vincent…

  6. well its obvious you’d have to pick vincent
    even now, hes just so

    vincent-ey >______>


  7. I love vincent no matter what he looks like. He’s just too sexy

  8. I’ve been a vincent fan for years……I think he’s sexy in every way possible and his smile!! WOW!! Also those eyes of his…..I’d give anything to meet him.

  9. In my dreams I would choose Vincent,but I would never mix reality with fantasy. Fantasies are a secret place that only we own,but reality can be just as sweet and hot and sexy with a good man who isn’t Vincent.

    The lovely thing about fantasy and reality is that we really don’t have to make a choice because we can have both. People only get into trouble when they choose to either live in one or the other!


    Rosie said: I’m not sure, but I think she said something along the lines of “He’s HAWT!” to which I will reply, “Oui, je suis bien d’accord!”

  11. LOL!!! Gal, you are brave & hysterically funny! I also enjoy other people supporting your dream dilemmas. Got to giggle. This is freshly amusing. Njoy the land of Morpheus

  12. Are you still in love with Vincent? I am. VDO FOREVER!


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